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The Benefits of Huperzine A

The Benefits of Huperzine A

by Wiser Minds Inc

5 years ago


The Benefits of Huperzine A

by Wiser Minds Inc

5 years ago

The Benefits of Huperzine A

The Benefits of Huperzine A

When it comes to health, the phrase “eat right and exercise” immediately comes to mind. While a well-balanced diet and staying physically fit is important, there are many other aspects of our health to consider.

We’ll give you a hint: It conducts your consciousness, shapes your behavior and is responsible for everything you do, say and feel. It’s the most powerful organ in the body: Your brain.

How do you achieve optimal brain health? Along with eating the right foods and exercising regularly, you can incorporate huperzine A into your wellness routine. Huperzine A is most commonly known for its powerful cognitive benefits, making it one of the top natural supplements to promote brain health.

How Huperzine A Works

Extracted from the plant Huperzia serrata, huperzine A was used in traditional Chinese medicine for healing muscle pain, increasing energy and blood circulation.

“Although the makers of huperzine A start with a plant, their product is the result of a lot of laboratory manipulation,” WebMD reports. “It is a highly purified drug, unlike herbs that typically contain hundreds of chemical ingredients.”

Huperzine A affects the brain in numerous ways. First, it raises levels of acetylcholine, which is associated with cognitive performance. High acetylcholine levels help with mental clarity, concentration and retaining information.

As an antioxidant, huperzine A also fights free radicals in the brain, making it a popular treatment for neurological disorders.

Here are the top health benefits of huperzine A:

  • Protects the brain

  • Its neuroprotective properties are particularly beneficial when it comes to cognitive decline. Huperzine A helps protect the brain from oxidative damage that comes with age-related mental health problems. This includes diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, Alzheimers and Parkinsons.

    According to Braintropic, “huperzine A is a potent antioxidant that has been shown to positively affect oxidative balance and is considered a safe, effective, and well-tolerated adjunct treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.”

  • Enhances memory


    By inhibiting the production of acetylcholinesterase (the enzyme that lowers acetylcholine levels), huperzine A improves memory and is an effective treatment for Alzheimers.

    “Huperzine A acts as a cholinesterase inhibitor — a type of medication that works by improving the levels of neurotransmitters in the brain,” Mayo Clinic reports. “Small early studies suggest that huperzine A might improve memory and protect nerve cells, which could slow the cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer's.”

    Along with memory, research shows huperzine A can enhance learning in young people, making it beneficial for all ages.

  • Reduces depression

  • Studies show that huperzine A may be effective in treating cognitive impairment in major depressive disorders.

    In clinical trials of 238 participants ages 16 to 60, the group who took both antidepressants supplemented with huperzine A showed improvement in cognitive function and quality of life compared to the group who took only antidepressants.

    Ready to start making your brain health a priority? Whether you’re experiencing depression, memory loss or simply looking to take preventative action, huperzine A packs a powerful punch.

    Click here to try Wiser MindThis supplement contains huperzina A as well as 12 other memory and mood enhancing ingredients to change your life today!


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