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3 Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

3 Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

by Wiser Minds Inc

5 years ago


3 Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

by Wiser Minds Inc

5 years ago

3 Benefits of Ashwagandha for Men

Experiencing chronic fatigue? Looking for increased energy and strength? If you answered yes, there’s one simple solution for all of the above: ashwagandha (scientifically known as Withania somnifera and more commonly referred to as Indian ginseng). The benefits of ashwagandha for men cover various areas of mental and physical health.

Ashwagandha has been used as a natural remedy for centuries, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. Dr. Josh Axe, naturopathic doctor explains “The primary goal of Ayurvedic medicine is to help people live long, healthy and balanced lives without the need for prescription drugs, complicated surgeries or suffering through painful conditions. In fact, the very word Ayurveda itself means something in Sanskrit similar to ‘lifespan built on knowledge’ or ‘science of life.’”

Did you know ashwagandha is the most commonly used adaptogen herb? And here’s a fun fact: It’s called “rasayana” for its unique ability to treat many different illnesses and protect your body against disease. In recent years, studies have shown its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Scientists are continuing to uncover ashwagandha’s vast healing potential.

Ashwagandha’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective treatment for rheumatologic problems, helping to lower inflammation and reduce pain. In addition, its antibacterial properties work wonders when it comes to controlling bacterial infections and treating gastrointestinal, and respiratory tract infections.

As an adaptogen, ashwagandha is known for its ability to balance the body’s systems. It works by strengthening the adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing the stress hormone known as cortisol.

“By supporting adrenal function, they [adaptogens] counteract the adverse effects of stress,” says Frank Lipman, M.D. “They enable the body’s cells to access more energy; help cells eliminate toxic byproducts of the metabolic process and help the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently.”

It's no secret that chronic stress leads to a long list of health issues. Here are the three main benefits of ashwagandha for men supported by science:

  • Boosts testosterone

  • When it comes to low testosterone, the most common symptoms include loss of muscle mass, body hair and weaker bones (sigh). Isn’t getting old fun?

    To make matters worse, many testosterone boosting supplements cause negative side effects such as anxiety, higher estrogen levels, which, in severe cases can result in gynecomastia. The bottom line: steer clear of testosterone enhancers. In fact, the FDA has now ordered warning labels on testosterone-boosting drugs.

    The good news is there are ways to naturally boost your testosterone levels without harmful side effects – ashwagandha being at the top of the list.

    In a double bind study published in the Indian Journal of Medicine, ashwagandha increased testosterone by 17 percent on average.

  • Increases strength, speed and endurance

  • If you’re looking for a natural way to build muscle mass and enhance athletic performance, you may want to start incorporating ashwagandha into your gym routine. Studies show ashwagandha is “useful for generalized weakness and to improve speed and lower limb muscular strength and neuro-muscular co-ordination.”

    It’s no wonder ashwagandha is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness community. When paired with proper diet and exercise, ashwagandha will help you achieve the results you want faster.

    “Ashwagandha supplementation is associated with significant increases in muscle mass and strength and suggests that ashwagandha supplementation may be useful in conjunction with a resistance training program.”

    Researchers concluded that ashwagandha’s anti-inflammatory properties, along with ability to lower stress, make it ideal for enhancing physical performance – specifically showing results in the area of endurance.

  • Lowers cholesterol and balances blood sugar levels


    Did you know 71 million American adults have high cholesterol? To put it in perspective, that’s 33.5% of the U.S. population. Needless to say, it’s a major problem and can ultimately lead to

    Research published by the University of Arizona in the World Journal of Medical Sciences showed that ashwagandha contains hypolipidemic properties that can help lower cholesterol. In another study, ashwagandha helped lower total cholesterol by 53% and triglycerides by nearly 45%.

    As an anti-diabetic, this Ayurvedic herb also contains flavonoids, and these flavonoids contain hypoglycemic properties – explaining the reason why ashwagandha can normalize blood sugar levels.

    In a four-week study of people with schizophrenia, the participants who were treated with ashwagandha had an increased reduction in fasting blood sugar levels (13.5 mg/dL) whereas the placebo group’s levels were 4.5 mg/dL on average.

    And perhaps the most interesting fact about the benefits of ashwagandha for men: It is proven to work as effective as diabetes medication!

    How to Use Ashwagandha

    As a natural herb, ashwagandha is considered safe for most people to take. However, if you suffer from any health conditions, it’s wise to consult your health care practitioner first.

    If you’re looking for the most pure and powerful form of ashwagandha, KSM-66 is the highest concentration of ashwagandha extract. Extracted directly from the root of the ashwagandha plant, KSM-66 is 100 percent pure. The natural extraction process ensures that it cannot be contaminated by chemical substances.

    Ashwagandha dosages normally range from 100 to 1,250 mg daily. If you’re thinking of taking ashwagandha as a supplement, go for root extract or powder. Click here to try Wiser MindThis supplement contains huperzina A as well as 12 other memory and mood enhancing ingredients to change your life today!

    Have you ever tried ashwagandha? What was your experience? Share your thoughts below!


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